Whim Estates
The Developer, Whim Development Company Limited plans to undertake a two-part residential housing development on approximately 70 hectares of land adjacent to the New Harbour Village II(NHV2) residential scheme in Old Harbour, St.Catherine. The development is named Whim Estates and will consist of standalone residential housing and supporting amenities in a gated community with a resulting projected population of approximately 3,500 occupying the completed development’s 876 homes.

The development will consist of lots with a minimum lot size of 418 sq. meters (4,500 sq. ft.) configured to facilitate the passage of vehicles up to the size of a dump truck access to the rear of the lots. This approach will provide residents the ability to have bulk goods and materials offloaded closer to the area allocated for expansion of their homes as compared to the more distant, and often unsightly offloading at the front of the lot.

Over the course of the project, the Developer will place emphasis on forming and working with the Citizens Associations of Whim Estates in collaboration with the NHV2 Association and other area neighbours to ensure the sustainable operation and expansion of the Development’s amenities. The goal will be to form a business model supported by the more than 8,000 residents of the twinned NHV2 and Whim Estates communities in order to provide the residents with the ability to do so.